Love Sick: The Blog Roll Please


That awkward feeling that comes when you realize that you’ve got nothing new to post on Love Sick, so you’ll just recycle old images while you wait. Where have you guys been hanging out while you wait for the new subs?  How do you get your LSS2 Fix?

I know about Soompi (which I find confusing to follow now that there are 80,000 comments on 9000 pages) and the interfans Facebook pages, but what other places do you go in pursuit of fandom?

The women over at Kchat Jigae did an hour-long podcast a week or so ago discussing their love of the show. Have you found other sites worth going to? Share the links below in the comments or discuss whatever…

10 thoughts on “Love Sick: The Blog Roll Please

  1. Hi Peale!!!

    It’s been a long time! Hehe
    I sure miss reading tons of comments in Kuda’s site. So far it’s only through LSS2 Facebook page and through KakaoTalk that I’m getting updates of the show. I sooo miss Kuda’s site as well as your updates.


  2. i do soompi… although sometimes it gets a bit repetitious since we are all waiting for translations…. there is only so much guess work you can do…..i actually forgot there was a facebook fan page for a minute there…. might check that out.


  3. I use Soompi mostly.. and the fb pages of lstsif and white intl.. but now i found this site too…. love your reviews . Thanks.


  4. I frequent both the soompi forums and LS Int group on FB. Also in the LS Phil Group. The way I get my addiction of LS satisfied? I write fanfics. I do a PetEarn one and it’s going great so far. Also my reviews help me analyze the episode once I get over the immediate joy of watching it the first time, I slowly become bitter and cynical after the 3-4 for the review. XD

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  5. I mainly get my LS fix from Kuda’s page (uggghh, when will it be back up again?!) and the Fb International Fans and Fb LS Philippines. I was delighted to be offered to co-manage Fb Ngern International and somehow ended up co-managing Fb Min International as well. I frequent other Fb groups and pages like Panda and Penguin International, Love Sick Mafia, Ngern Legend, Ngern Anupart Family. I don’t do Soompi much. Only if I needed something for research purposes. I frequently check Twitter and Instagram for latest. But once in a while I get my LS fix by chatting briefly with Ngern’s and August’s parents and other members of the family. Sometimes I get first hand info about what Ngern is doing real-tiime, like when he is having a workshop or when I am told he is sleeping.

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  6. So satisfied in this kind of interaction between people who also liked LS frm. Philippines thanks to kuda and lots of people who taking effort on there fanpage and i wish all those group will have a blast and take a tour for LS fan meet


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