Oh the Lovesick S2 Gossip: what’s going on here?

Guesses from upper left to right:

1) Earn has had enough sexual yearning out of Pete and is finally doing something about it (probability 15%)

2) The online super-couple “PopShay” isn’t an act for poor Shay (probability 100%) Chances of it actually working out for him? (5%)

3) Whoever that is will regret being recorded in that cat t-shirt 20 years from now (probability 50%) (seriously who is that? The new Om with Mick? Or is that Per. I always get him messed up with Ngoi and Knott)

4) Per Film is not certain which way he swings (probability 10% 100%) (Edited for accuracy)

5) Golf is has decided that the third wheel doesn’t need to be the spare tire (probability 100%)

Futureless Things (Korea: 2014): one never knows what’s in store next

Kyung-mook Kim’s off-beat third feature focuses on the everyday and sometimes surreal interactions in a convenience store. Futureless Things is more a series of comedy sketches than a unified narrative, but since everyone eventually needs a Coke, the setting is a good one to explore the many layers of contemporary society and the dreamers who find themselves stuck behind counters for a moment.


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White God (Hungary: 2014): a familiar tale, this time with dogs



A Hungarian Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Kornél Mundruczó’s White God tells an allegory about betrayal, oppression and revenge, but also the durability of the bonds that form between pets and their caretakers. Canine lead Hagen walks away with this one, conveying surprising emotional depth for a newbie actor.



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Kung Fu Jungle (Hong Kong: 2014): Classic Fighting Film with Cameos Galore



Teddy Chen goes old-school in this martial arts detective story starring Donn Yen. The fighting is intense and the special effects muted in this story about a former martial arts champion released from prison to help capture a serial killer. An homage to the one-on-one Hong Kong action films of the past, Kung Fu Jungle is filled with dozens of cameo performances from the action stars of the past four decades.


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