Love Sick The Series Season 2: Episode 8 Recap

Love Sick Season 2, Episode 8

Love Sick Season 2, Episode 8

Summaries (Spoilers, Obviously) and Comments

Note: I group summaries by story line, not in presentation order. If you want to know how the scenes actually played out in their official sequence, why not follow this link (lol) to Kuda’s site and watch for yourself? (Note: I will activate the link when Kuda’s site comes back up)

Episode 8


Ohm is giving lessons to underclassmen at his house. Mick arrives late for his horn lesson and Ohm scolds him. Before their lesson begins, Ohm warns Mick that he is strict. Mick tells Ohm that that is what he is looking for as people always do things for him. He liked that Ohm shooed the boys away from him at the soccer tournament so that he could carry his horn himself. Mick has difficulty playing and Ohm scolds him for not trying harder. Mick starts to cry.

Statements like these had OhmMick fanfic writers dabbling into 50 Shades territory.

Statements like these had OhmMick fanfic writers dabbling in 50 Shades territory.

Earn is practicing a follow up phone call to Noh to find out who he ended up sleeping with. He plots out the conversation including Noh accusing Earn of coming on to him. Earn asks the imaginary Noh “what would you think if I did feel about you that way.” Pete has silently entered Earn’s room and overhears the practice conversation. He wants to know who Earn has a crush on. Earn can’t tell him. Earn describes how his heart beats around that someone, but Pete jokes his heart may simply beat faster because he is running rather than walking.

The purpose of the cheer team meeting at Earn’s house is to sort through the photographs of the soccer tournament. Pete notices that there are a lot of photographs where Earn appears to be looking at him and thinks that Earn might have a crush on him. He goes into the bathroom after he realizes that none of the other cheer team is showing up, thinking that Earn is going to make a pass at him. He practices what he is going to say to Earn to avoid a confrontation but keep his friendship. When he comes out of the bathroom, Earn is changing his pants. Pete freaks out and accidentally blurts out that he likes boys, not girls, when he practiced saying the opposite. Earn goofs around with Pete, wanting to talk to him about Pete’s feelings, but Pete protests that he isn’t ready to talk about them. Pete leaves and realizes that his heart is beating faster, although it might be just because he was running out of Earn’s house (all six steps). Earn catches him and drags him back inside where they finish their talk.

Earn and Pete were shocked by Aim's brazen scheme, too.

Earn and Pete were shocked by Aim’s brazen scheme, too.

Noh awakens in Phun’s arms. Although Noh is hungry, Phun wants to stay in bed. Phun gets out of bed to take a shower and calls Noh over where he gives Noh a “morning kiss” on the nose, against Noh’s protest. At breakfast, Yuri is ecstatic when she finds out that Noh eats breakfast in the morning. She is still hungry after breakfast and demands that Phun to take her to a department store, leaving Aim and Noh behind. At the department store, Yuri wants Phun to buy a cake for Aim, but Phun reminds her that Aim is on a diet, which is enough information for Yuri to prove that Aim is always on Phun’s mind. Yuri reminds Phun how great he is as a boyfriend and how lucky he is to have a great girl like Aim. She gets Phun to promise to never leave Aim no matter what. Phun asks Yuri what she sees in Noh. She tells Phun that Noh will always be important to her.

Back at the resort, Aim pretends to receive a call from Nan about a girl who has a problem with a video. She asks Noh what he would do in that situation. Noh says he’d stay out of it as long as he thought the girl was nice for his friend. Aim sends Noh to get some drinks and sets a trap with her phone to secretly tape Noh in bed with her. When Noh returns, she tries to seduce him, but he does manage to reject her. When she retrieves her camera, she finds that her phone was out of memory and nothing was recorded of her seduction.

No funny caption. Cause I know you've been missing this Noh. No silly caption. I just can't get enough of them.

Once again, we have an instance where the production team released a teaser that showed much more than made the final cut. Unless their lesson is an unusually long one, and the pair always wears those same clothes, the shot of Mick working his hand up Ohm’s thigh during this lesson that was part of the Season 2 teaser has been cut. It was an aggressive take to begin with, one that I was surprised would be in the series, and maybe it will appear in a flashback later, but for now, I’m going to just be amazed at how brazen this production team appears to be releasing teasers and then backing away from them in final edits. I don’t know how to get them to stop doing that, short of stopping watching altogether. Going forward, I just won’t bother watching teasers.

While Mick might be aware of Ohm’s jealous motives, Phun ends up ascribing jealous motives to Noh that he doesn’t have by the end of the episode. After two fake phone conversations in the episodes, Phun finally overhears an actual one that ends up putting Noh unfairly in a bad light. He isn’t actually talking trash about Aim. I think he’s being truthful, but Noh is going to have a difficult time convincing Phun otherwise. I guess he should have kept his thoughts to himself, but I can understand trying to call Golf to vent. Just when we thought the morning kiss could be the start of something, the moody, broody Phun shows up. For now, blanket forgiveness appears to be something that Phun reserves for Aim but not Noh.

I am satisfied with the sly way Aim won this round. She may not be the master manipulator, but she certainly knew how to use Yuri to cement Phun’s commitment for forgiveness. I was wondering where that confession to Yuri from episode 7 was leading. Since Yuri is unlikely to ever see the video evidence herself, it was a good choice to give her the partial truth. Readers of the novel had many questions about why Aim decided to seduce Noh at Hua Hin, and the writer’s interpretation of the context is as good as any of the many we were able to come up with. Noh is correct – Aim is smart, even if she doesn’t understand how the Internet and smart phones work.


Finally, August and Ngern. Pete gets a full scene and I liked August as the discombobulated friend.  If we thought he knew something was up between Earn and Noh, its fairly clear that Earn has been holding out that information. It’s also not clear that Pete has been harboring hidden thoughts for Earn. My guess is that he hasn’t…maybe. It will be fun to watch Pete sort out all of those conflicting thoughts. Does he just want Earn as a friend like he says? Was the statement he made in front of the mirror that he likes girls not boys the real answer? Or did he decide in front of the mirror not to say that because it wasn’t true? Is it possible that he likes guys but just doesn’t want to pursue Earn today? Maybe the Freudian slip about liking boys not girls is the real Pete. We won’t know for a bit, and I am not going to jump onto the Pete/Earn bandwagon just yet. I’m just going to enjoy being confused with Pete for awhile, although I think that Pete is going to end up someplace else by season’s end. Oh, the dangers of overhearing a phone conversation, even an imaginary one.

500,000 Pete/Earn shippers disagree. Will their powers of persuasion win the day?

500,000 Pete/Earn shippers think differently. Will their powers of persuasion win the day?

Up Next

Preparing for a serenade. Will the team let the boys sing that cool music like they do in the novel? Or will the boys forgo the Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins for more mainstream Thai pop.

Also, will ever come back?

Fearless predictions

I don’t have a lot of time to model out predictions this week using my proprietary Love Sick algorithm, so feel free to fill in the blanks this week.

  • Pete wants to remain friends with Earn because he has his own crush on __________ (probability: ___%)
  • Golf appeared shirtless in this episode. The next character to get that kind of exposure will be ______ (probability: ____%)
  • ____________ will be the drummer in Phun’s band. (probability: ____%)

36 thoughts on “Love Sick The Series Season 2: Episode 8 Recap

  1. Pete wants to remain friends with Earn because he has his own crush on Phun (probaility: 0.1%)
    Golf appeared shirtless in this episode. The next character to get that kind of exposure will be Mick or August (probability: 45%)
    Khom or Ngoi will be the drummer in Phun’s band. (probability: 25%)

    im filling the blank with the people I want to see more in this series..ehhe


  2. Actually during the Earn and Pete scene he comes out while Earn is just taking off
    his sweat pants because he wants to be more comfortable. Also Pete stumbles over his words after Earn drags him inside after running those 6 steps.

    Sorry, I’ve watched their scenes way too many times so I know it all too well.


    • I’ll need to watch it again. Because I am traveling I only could watch the episode once before typing so I might have the Pete/Earn details off. The important part is the talk Pete has with himself in front of the mirror and after he comes out of the bathroom. Does Pete fancy Earn? I don’t know if the thought crossed his mind before. Or maybe it did and he wasn’t ready to talk about it then. So much confusion. We’ll see.


      • I know. The only public wifi near Peale Manor is McDonalds and there’s only so much coke and fries I can eat in the service of my love sick addiction. Hopefully Sunday when I’m back in the 21st century I can catch up.


      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m right (Wow, when typing it, it makes me look like a douche XD)
        But seriously, I’m fairly sure that’s how the scenes with Pete and Earn went. It’s strange because the episodes before hint that Pete looks like he MIGHT have a thing for Earn and has looked jealous before, but now it;s like they sunk the ship. Only saving grace would be the faster heart beat he had when he went out of Earn’s house but even that’s up to debate because he could have just been afraid of Earn or what he would do and not actual “running”. Either way, Alem has taught me to just not have high expectations. :S


      • Ok. I had a chance to rewarch it, and even though the ordering of the summary is a bit off, the overall analysis is fair, so I won’t re-edit. I think you are correct: if Pete/Earn shippers we’re spinning a yarn of secret, unrequited love on Pete’s part, they’ll need to redraft a different story. That ship has sunk. But Pete’s rehearsed speech and what he blurts out under duress is very interesting. Yeah, Pete and Earn end up saying they don’t like each other, and I’m guessing that is true for Earn…still kind of up in the air though for Pete and why he was confused in such an odd way. We’ll see what happens in the second half of the season when we get past the live contest. Pete is just as mysterious as before.


  3. Before the English subs were out, I created this Earn x Pete music video and I offer this as my humble contribution to the confusion that is Season 2 Episode 8. (I’m not sure if you allow this. Just delete it if it is against the rules.)

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    • I don’t think I found the episode confusing, just quite different from the book and it makes me wonder where they will take PhunNoh from here…. although you probably could care less since you are TeamEarn 🙂

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      • Yeah. It is different. I think in the book, Phun came back from Hua Hin more convinced that dating Noh was the right thing to do. I think he decided to stay with Aim and pursue Noh at the same time. I. The series, he comes back mad at Noh and thinking that He should stay with Aim. I am guessing that his competition with Earn will change that.


      • Hi Chistarr. How are you? I am referring only to the Earn and Pete scenes. By “confusion” I meant the misunderstandings in two counts: first is that the music video was created prior to the subs (my misunderstanding, although of course some of them are deliberate “misunderstandings” to somehow fit with the song) and second is Pete’s misunderstanding of Earn’s words and actions. I do care about where PhunNoh goes from here but you and many more are there for them to. (Now where do I get that smiley?)


      • for some reason I cannot reply to either of you (guess i need to create a wordpress account) anyway, Peale, yeah, they are going to have to play up the jealousy/competition with Earn to bring Phun back around…
        Alembess, I get it, I was just being facetious 🙂 I use colon and close bracket to create it ;P lol. I gotta say, the EarnPete scenes were just really well done! I think I have seen some say that it is like it closed the door on EarnPete in the future but I feel it actually opens up the awareness door at least for Pete… all the suggestions we were seeing before on his part (we were being led to believe he had a thing for Earn) he will now really be seeing/feeling them… the confusion begins in earnest for him now….at least I hope so 🙂


      • This is what my crystal ball is showing to me. The road to the romance of Earn and Pete is being paved now. Those Freudian slips of Pete are too much to ignore. They seem to me all pointing to a future of Pete actually feeling attracted to Earn, with the heartbeat caused not really by the running but according to how Earn meant it (but for Noh, in Earn’s case). When Earn finally feels that heart-crunching pain of disappointment with Noh’s rejection, Pete will be there as the friend, a true friend who listens, but also a friend whom Earn will start noticing to be more than a friend. During the Soccer Victory Party, I noted that “Pete is slowly noticing that he is slowly noticing Earn.” For what, it was still very unclear. Now Episode 8 is slowly unnraveling things. Pete is noticing his reactions to his misunderstanding of Earn’s words and actions. He may have “concluded’ that his fast heartbeat was due to his running, but to include Earn’s description of the cause of a heart beating fast that way is making him aware there there is more to running that causes a heart to beat fast. 🙂


      • My crystal ball says Pete likes guys (that’s what he wasn’t ready to talk about and why he decided during his practice speech not to lie to Earn and use the “I like girls” approach to letting Earn down easy), and there is someone else who he fancies already. The Pete/Earn road may have a fork in it. I’d make a bet, but the last time I did that, I lost.


  4. Your prediction challenge aside, I just want to thank you for your insightful analysis and commentary. I enjoy reading you because you keep both the novel and the series in perspective and tailor your comments accordingly to help readers and viewers keep the two sorted out in a way that helps us form our own insights and opinions. Really enjoyed your analysis on Pete and Earn especially the possibilities of how the dialogue in the scene sequence might be interpreted. The Om Mick story was sweet, but I kept thinking how could Mick be blowing that horn so badly when we had already seen him marching with the band. Jeez! If he plays that badly he would never have made it on the field in the first place! I guess Om just has that effect on him. LOL.

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    • I thought the same thing too about Mick….that was some horrible blowing….Om had every right to be aggravated..but poor thing does not stand a chance against Mick-tears…lol.
      As for the probabilities, the only one I have is the shirtless one..
      Golf appeared shirtless in this episode. The next character to get that kind of exposure will be __Na/Om____ (probability: _80_%)
      Based on what I want to see… lol.


  5. BTW – alembess has been your champion on the fanfic site Bambi created since Kuda’s site has been down by directing folks here. Just thought you might want to know. ^__^

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    • Slight adjustment on the facts chevy2015. I’ve been promoting Peale’s site (along with Bambi’s) on my Fb page and other pages/groups I can share it with, but not on Bambi’s site itself. Thanks for letting Peale know.


      • It’s always appreciated. I need to get a FB account soon. But I do rely on the kindness of strangers to promote this site


  6. Well i think differently, i believe that the smile phun had before the episode ends, tells us that he has forgiven noh and happy to know that his the only person in noh’s mind at the moment. And im really rooting to see phun and earn fighting to get noh’s attention in the succeeding episodes especially its the battle of the bands plus hope they will use the songs same as what in the novel to serenade noh.

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    • Yeah. I thought about that smile and decided that it doesn’t count as forgiveness if you don’t tell the other person you’ve forgiven them or let them continue to think you’re mad at them. Lol. The moody version of Phun can be so confusing.


  7. One last comment as we’ll move onto episode 9 soon. Noh basically told Aim that he wouldn’t tell Phun about the sex tape, unless he thought she was a bad person. He couldn’t prevent Phun from finding out about it, but he gave her a little assurance that he wouldn’t purposefully do it. She then does something guaranteed to make Noh think she was a bad person. She’s almost daring him to tell on her.

    Does she really just want to break up with Phun but have Phun be the one to call it off? Or does she just think that she’s a bad person so she wouldn’t believe that Noh wouldn’t have a reason to keep quiet?


  8. —————————- Novel to Series Comparison —————————–
    Lovesick Season 2, Episode 8: The One With A Full Storage
    Chapters: 29 (whole) & 30 (a very small part)

    I find it strange that I can call this my favorite episode so far this season but yet call it one of the ones I hate as well. Ironically, both for the same reasons.

    Differences and Missing/Added Parts
    1.) Noh, we know you’re always lost but now we’re lost too
    I’ve said that Noh’s character has changed drastically now from the novel. Novel Noh is chivalrous, objective but gives up resisting easily, and is oblivious. Since the Hua Hin trip and controversy with production I am completely lost with what they’re doing to Series Noh. They make him more aggressive with his feelings but cut a kiss scene because it’s out of character. They make him rude to Aim, but have everyone say he’s respectful to everyone. They show he notices little things like Yuri crying or Phun’s jealousy but make him oblivious to things for plot convenience. Make up your mind with where you want to take his character and stick with it. (-_-)

    2.) Aim………. Just Aim
    Noh straight up tells Aim that he won’t be a jerk and tell Phun about her as long as he knows she has no bad intentions or can explain herself. Fair enough, Noh still has that quality in him, but what does she do? She tries to black mail the guy who just said he’s not going to tell his close friend as long as she proves she’s actually a good person, by trying to seduce him into kissing or having sex with him. Where do I even start? Firstly, nothing says good girl like blackmail. Secondly, it’s been apparent that Noh has no interest in you in the series (novel Noh thinks she’s hot and almost gives in to his lust but resists), so why would you think he’s interested just because you’re throwing yourself at him? Third, that was the most awkward and fairly cringe worthiest flirting I’ve seen in a while. Lastly, even if you successfully made out or slept with him, you didn’t even try to prep your phone to see if you had enough memory to record it making all that effort useless? YOU FAIL! You just straight up FAIL! No excuses, bye Felicia, NEXT!

    3.) The Call
    So after cringing at how awkward Noh’s and Aim’s “seduction” scene was, we have Noh call Golf over what had just happen. Phun walks in on Noh bad mouthing Aim, drama ensues, and we are left ambiguously on where they stand in their relationship…….. again. This didn’t happen this way in the novel. In the novel, Noh goes home then calls Golf to discuss how to deal with Aim the next story arc happens with Phun left in the dark about Aim and Noh’s detest for her. I’m not saying that this different take can’t be good but given their recent track record, I can’t expect anything from them. I’ll just leave it at that.

    4.) Phun and Yuri shopping
    I’ll be quick on this one. It was nice to see both characters grow and give reason why Phun should be feeling guilty about the situation he’s been placed in. Yuri’s adorableness shines through as she stays a true friend but still naïve about relationships in general. It was good character development for both of them and didn’t waste too much screen time.


    Ridiculous ending quote:
    Those who admit their mistakes deserve forgiveness

    My dark humor response:
    I killed a whole nation because I didn’t like them………. I deserve forgiveness for admitting my mistakes.
    Signed, Adolf Hitler

    Positives the Episode brought:
    – Morning kiss ;*
    – 1st scene with Earn and Pete
    – 1st scene with Om and Mick
    – 2nd scene with Earn and Pete
    – 2nd scene with Om and Mick
    – 3rd scene with Earn and Pete
    – 3rd scene with Om and Mick
    – Yuri and Phun quick character development
    – The Hua Hin trip is finally over

    1.) Noh, the walking book of contradictions
    2.) Aim’s logic lacks of logic
    3.) Tell me, why do you have to go and make things so complicated?? CAT-ED!
    4.) PhunxYuri???

    Personal Opinion:
    This was my favorite episode so far but for all the wrong reasons. This episode’s saving graces were basically EarnxPete and OmxMick. Admit it, if there scenes weren’t put in and we had Pang Gang’s, Jeed’s or Mo’s plot, we’d write this episode off as boring or not really entertaining. The funny thing for me though is it shouldn’t be like that. I found myself fast forwarding through the main plot so I can watch the side plots (both raw and with English subs). That’s a big problem. If you can take away the spotlight of the main couple’s scenes and have everyone say the side couples were the highlight of the episode, we have a problem. I don’t know if it’s the changes they’re making, the direction, the productions or what/who-ever but it needs to be fixed. I loved every single bit of the side couples scenes because they both felt genuine. The actors (Ngern, August, Na, Min) felt natural, had fun, felt drama when it needed drama, and kept our eyes hooked on them whether it was a sad, comedic, dramatic, or happy scene. Bring some of that into the main plot please.


    • Yeah. In the book we had no idea why Aim went after Noh. as I wrote, at least we have some kind of motive now. It would have been helpful if Primrose could have channeled her inner Veronica Lake, but as it stands, Aim comes off as someone who isn’t all that tempting. In the book she really knew how to seduce a guy, and even though all the dialogue of her seduction is the same, it’s a little flat. But w have a motive-but one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Even if she had her video, what next? Maybe edit out the whole “your lips are red” part? But then none of our explanations made a whole lot of sense either.


      • Her scene was just all over the place that episode. It’s like we’re trying to make sense of things in Wonderland. We won’t be coming up with any good answers anytime soon. >_<


    • I agree with a lot of what you said bamburn04. Especially your personal opinion. I’m starting to feel like the side pairings are lots more interesting than the main one. This episode as you said would have been nothing without the EarnPete, OhmMick scenes.
      The thing with Pete is I think that when he saw what was happening with Earn being so close (after he summed up that Earn likes him) made him feel weird. He didnt know how to feel, doesnt know how to respond and maybe he gets a little excited when Earn comes up close to him, carries him and throws him on the bed. His heart is beating faster maybe because even if he doesnt want to admit it the thought of anything happening between them isnt so bad……Maybe he likes being desired like that or
      I might just be full of it.LOL


    • It depends on what kind of device you are using (computer, phone, pad) and the browser you are using. I found that it is much easier to open on my iPad if I use the Puffin browser rather than Safari. The important thing I found is that the link on Kuda’s twitter feed needs to be entered in exactly. That includes making sure that the capital letters are all capitalized. Sometimes when I paste the link into my browser, OS decides to “correct” it for me and changes the capital letters to lower case one and then the link will not open.


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