Where the Lovesickos are

Pealesview visitor map, May 19, 2015

Pealesview visitor map, May 19, 2015

Missing a few of the regular visitors from the Southern Cone, Scandinavia and Korea, but I wanted to share what happens when I post a Love Sick update. Sure, this isn’t where all the inter fans are, and it’s really only a small subset interested in reading summaries in English, but it is fairly representative of who is drops by whenever I have a Love Sick post up. Lovsickos, this IS the map you made today in seven hours. I don’t know who you are, but I salute your persistence in following along with me. I’m impressed, actually.

4 thoughts on “Where the Lovesickos are

  1. what’s the red???? overload?? too many of us?? lol
    surprised there isn’t more from canada to be honest….(that’s where I’m from)


    • I think its just a function of the fact that the LS post came up during US business hours and the majority of native English speakers who were awake were in the US. Canada is well represented. Usually its the Philippines that wins the Love Sick wars. I think there are more lovesickos per capita in that country than anywhere else.


      • I’m from the Philippines and from what I know, I tend to agree about the number of lovesickos per capita in my country thatn anywhere else. The second fan gathering is in the works already ha ha ha. although sadly I wasn’t able to go to the first one and will not be either on the second. But I send my support, material and moral.


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