Love Sick The Series Season 2: Episode 11 Recap

Love Sick Season 2, Episode 11

Love Sick Season 2, Episode 11

Summaries (Spoilers, Obviously) and Comments

Note: I group summaries by story line, not in presentation order. If you want to know how the scenes actually played out in their official sequence, why not follow this link to the episode and watch for yourself?

Episode 11 Summary

After the live competition tryouts, the music club is cleaning up. The sofa has a tear in it. Noh needs to stay behind and repair it. Golf wants to know if it is time to tell Phun, but Noh holds back because he doesn’t want to upend Phun’s smile. Golf lets him know that he’s got four sex videos from four different friends who are having sex with Aim and lets Noh know that there are even more. Phun sends a message that he’s taking Aim home and will be back for him. Since Phun is gone, Golf leaves. Ohm leaves with underclassmen Tui and Mick to make sure they get home safely. Per asks to be excused from duty so he can take Mawin home. Noh resists Ohm and Per’s departures, but he’s left alone in the music room.

Per and Win arrive at Win’s home. Win’s father is waiting for him. Per asks Win if he should stay, but Win tells him to go. Win’s father says that he needs to talk with Win and closes the door. It soon becomes apparent that he is beating Win again. Per jumps over the fence and goes inside Win’s house to stop the beating. Win’s father asks Per if he knows why he is beating Per. Per does not. The father makes a promise to stop beating Win if Per leaves and stops seeing Win. Using their dry erase pads, the two boys communicate again. Win asks Per if he plans to keep his promise. Per responds that he won’t and will remain friends with Win. Win writes “Just friends?” on his board, but does not show it to Per before erasing it.

At what point in the cab ride home did Ohm start punching himself? Mick practically invited him for coffee!

At what point in the cab ride home did Ohm start punching himself? Mick practically invited him for coffee!

Ohm drops Mick off at his house. Mick invites Ohm inside, but Ohm says he needs to get home. Reminds Ohm that he is a long way from home and wants to know if Ohm came to his house merely out of a sense of obligation to the younger students as club vice president. Ohm says that he has. Inside, Mick’s mother prepares his dinner. She says that his father will be home late. Mick asks his mother if she cooks dinners every-night as an obligation. She says that she does because she wants him to be happy and focus on studying. Later, Mick is trying to type a text message to Ohm asking if he got home alright but is having trouble as he really wants to ask a different question. Before he can send his message, Ohm calls to let him know that it wasn’t only duty that made him go out of his way for Mick.

Phun drops off Aim. She asks Phun if he wants to take her home or if he is just doing it out of a sense of obligation. He strokes her hair implying that he’s doing it because he cares for her. She invites him inside, but he says he has get other things done.

Back in the club room, Earn sneaks in while Noh is mentally occupied and scares him. Earn offers to help fix the sofa. He isn’t very good with a needle, so Noh ends up fixing it himself. Earn asks if Noh would come over to his house and fix things, but Noh responds that he charges a lot. Earn is willing to pay what it takes, which reminds Noh of a movie about a concubine. They flirt some more until Noh pricks his finger. Earn does that “put the bleeding finger of your lover in your mouth” thing that I only see in Japanese and Korean soaps, although it doesn’t work like it does in the soaps –Noh is a little disgusted by it. Earn says that Noh is being like a little kid, so Noh stabs Earn with the needle. They start to wrestle when Phun returns. Phun asks Earn to step outside and asks him what was going on. Earn responds that it isn’t any of Phun’s business. Phun reminds Earn that Noh already has someone (I think he is referring to Yuri). Earn lets Phun know that he knows that Phun has been chasing Noh and tells him to look after his own girlfriend before judging Earn for pursuing Noh.


Phun drives Noh home. Noh has fallen asleep and Phun tried to kiss him. Phun tells Noh that he shouldn’t be jealous since he only took Aim home because he had to. He came back for Noh because he wanted to. Noh responds that he doesn’t care what he does with Aim and tells him that he gets home by himself all the time. Hurt, Phun accuses Noh of indifference towards him.

Pop and Shay are surrounded by their fans in the mall. Later, Shay comes out of the shower and tells Pop that the fans want them to pose in a shirtless picture. Pop refuses and is getting tired of all of the fan requests to behave like a gay couple. Shay reminds Pop that Pang is one of those fans. Later, while Pop is asleep, Shay unbuttons Pop’s shirt to take the photo the fans want.

Neung takes Jeed to a remote location in his car. Jeed tells Neung that she only wanted to go somewhere to talk about her troubles at school. Neung responds that letting her know she makes him feel inside should help her forget her troubles. They start making out in a car.


Don't worry, Mick. I actually write these because I want to make you happy. That, and I'm nuts and probably should talk to trained professionals.

Don’t worry, Mick. I actually write these because I want to make you happy. That, and I’m nuts and probably should talk to trained professionals.

O.K. writers. You win. I can’t write up a coherent rambles for episode 11. There are just too many themes this episode impacting way too many pairings. We’re suffering from character overload now. The two major themes were “the difficulty of expressing one’s true feelings to a lover” and “acting out of obligation vs. acting out love.” The other theme was “obtaining consent”, whether it was something sexual, like Shay removing Pop’s shirt, or consent to move forward in courtship and dating. It’s all very confusing and there are so many active pairs working in this episode (even one that didn’t appear) that I can’t possibly write about them all. It would be tedious anyway. So I’ve unleashed my inner management consultant and created a handy score-card on a PowerPoint slide for you. Please see Exhibit A, which summarizes the recurrence of themes in this episode, with special attention paid to rules violations.


I was thinking of letting my scorecard stand for itself. But I can’t leave well enough alone. So off we go.

Everyone seems to have trouble articulating their intentions and the feelings behind them in this episode. Ironically, the one character who does express his feelings – Neung – is lying about them. He tells Jeed that he has strong feelings for her that he does not have thereby obtaining her consent for a kiss, and probably more (we’ll find out). Yeah, it was an aggressive move to take her to an abandoned spot (a lover’s lane) without telling her first, but it worked. She may have been vulnerable due to school pressure, but she probably would have melted anyway. But he receives the violation for lying. Everyone else just can’t get the words out. Well, maybe Pop does, too, but if he did, Shay ignored those words.

Win erases his message to Per and begs his dad not to tell Per that he has a crush on him. How his dad found out about that, I don’t know. Either Win left written evidence or admitted to it under duress. We’ll see how long the boys get away with their plan to get around Per’s promise to Win’s father to stay away from Win. And how well the father does in keeping his hands off of Win for being a “pervert.” The mystery as to the type of porn Win had was solved this episode as well. I had assumed as much in episode 10, but the show has a way of undoing assumptions with future revelations so I didn’t want to assume too much. It is likely that Win is the first admittedly gay or bisexual character, and based on what he said last episode, he doesn’t think that that is wrong. I have a feeling Mick will be the second with everyone else turning out to have “just one guy – but otherwise I’m straight” pansexual identities this season. But it won’t be possible to turn Win’s character in that direction without a few implausible flips…It’s kind of difficult to argue that one is sexually attracted to only one guy if one has a collection of gay porn hidden all over the house.

You know your fandom is out of control when you spend 3 hours trying to track down copies of those manga so that you can include subtle references to  them in your fanfic.

You know your fandom is out of control when you spend 3 hours trying to track down copies of those manga so that you can include subtle references to them in your fanfic. If that doesn’t describe you, you’re still safe.

Ohm did get something off his chest this episode and I thought that Na and Min were good, both interacting with each other and on their own. The directors got the most out of Mick’s reaction to Ohm’s call. Mick couldn’t start the conversation he wanted to have, but Ohm brought it to him anyway. The team also paid attention to Ohm’s side as well. It can be very difficult to admit that you like someone, even as a friend (Ohm didn’t actually say – I like or love you). Having Ohm clutch the curtain so tightly during the call that it held his fingerprints after release was a nice touch. I wish the production team could remember to do things like that every time. I think they do better when they have only one actor to focus on than staging and directing a group.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Mick floats away and we don’t see him again until episode 24.

Onto Earn and Noh. The entire conversation and flirting session with Noh was confusing to pretty much everyone. Earn has moved as far as dropping very strong hints and suggestions and asking “yah-know-what-I-mean” follow-ups. Those continue to befuddle Noh who can easily deny that he knows what is meant, or deflect the answers elsewhere. I don’t know if Earn’s approach was working or not, since Noh was either going to start making out with Earn or send him on his way. I think the latter, but we’ll never know because Phun showed up. Earn managed to get Noh to put his hand on his heart, like Phun did last year, and managed to touch his lips with his finger like Aim did at Hua Hin and we know that Noh was a little smitten by the former and aroused by the latter when they happened before. I don’t think the magic was working this time, although the signals may have been a little mixed. Mixed enough that Phun is worried that the flirting and serenades were taking hold.

It was Earn/Noh who broached the topic of consent over whether or not Earn would take advantage of the situation if Noh were to fall asleep. (Leave it to Phun to try to do just that later. And don’t get me started on Shay!). But there are other “consent” issues raised by their exchange. At what point does Earn’s now aggressive pursuit of Noh become too aggressive? He’s fighting off Phun directly at this point, but I guess it is up to Noh to come clean and tell Earn to back off. Which of course he can’t do when Earn keeps talking in double-speak and hints. I never thought I the novel that he crossed the line and became a stalker, but I thought he was starting to come close to crossing over during the wrestling match. He was acting without permission, even though Noh never really came out and said “stop.” It may have been good that Phun dropped in, as I’m guessing that Noh wouldn’t have been ready for the consequences of dropping a “yes” hint, intentional or unintentional. Earn may be skipping ahead too far in this episode, when in the past one and one-half seasons, he’s always moved too slowly and been a few steps behind.

This would have been a good time to share those thoughts on Phun's smile, Noh. Just saying.

This would have been a good time to share your feelings about Phun’s smile, Noh. Or invite him in for coffee. Just saying.

Finally, Pop and Shay. There’s got to be an easier way for Pop to win over Pang than playing around with Shay. Whatever is going on there, I hope it stops soon. I had interpreted a Season 2 teaser to be a hint that Shay may love Pop even though they are playing. That still may be the case, but it doesn’t look like this is a story of unrequited love. It looks like Shay is unscrupulous in pursuit of fame with his fans and the entire concept of PopShay is false. I’d be interested to see how the whole concept of “PopShay: Publicly Gay Super Couple” started – but not curious enough to want them to be real or find out if Shay hoped that they could ever be real.  Shay hasn’t been around much in either season for us to gauge his motives except for the public appearances with Pop, but the introduction to the real Shay was a little shocking for me. If Pop has been performing this act from the beginning to impress Pang, though, you’d think it would have been easier to just ask her out. At some point I hope he asks himself if what he’s been doing with Shay to impress Pang is worth the effort. It isn’t, since Pang isn’t really THAT special. I’d actually prefer that Pop walk away from them both, because his life is rather absurd at the moment. Telling someone you have a crush on them and you want to get to know them better is often very difficult. Asking for a first date can be awkward and painful. But it shouldn’t lead to Pop’s life and there’s something wrong if it does. The best place for Pop at the moment is a retreat to the mountains away from  everybody for some quiet reflection. I’d be thrilled if the writers left him happily single – single life couldn’t be worse, could it?

No, Win, I'm just getting started. Oh, alright, I'll finish up now. It's late and episode 12 is already translated anyway.

No, Win, I’m just getting started. Oh, alright, I’ll finish up now. It’s late and episode 12 is already translated anyway.

Up next:

A declaration of like, a bacchanal, and a very naughty gym teacher. Plus maybe a return to combining two episodes per recap. And where have Khom and Mo been?

Fearless Predictions:
  • The next time we see Neung, he’s sporting a black eye (probability: 22%).
  • Jeed ended up walking home from that tryst with Neung (probability: 80%).
  • Khom has been getting a makeover (probability: 100% (I couldn’t help peeking!)).
  • Realizing the superiority of single life, Pop sets out on a journey of self-discovery in the Amazon Rain Forest to get as far away from Pang and Shay as possible. Is captured by the last un-contacted indigenous tribe  (probability: 12%).

2 thoughts on “Love Sick The Series Season 2: Episode 11 Recap

  1. —————————- Novel to Series Comparison —————————–
    Lovesick Season 2, Episode 11: The One With The Red Lantern
    Chapters: 32 & 33 (Full and 1/2 )

    It’s sad because I liked almost everything about this episode except for one thing. I really don’t want to come off as a hater because I love the novel version of all the characters and how they’ve (mostly) expanded them the series except for a few traits.

    Differences and Missing/Added Parts
    1.) Earn your eagerness is showing
    The couch scene was changed a tad but I liked it. Noh is still oblivious as always but Earn’s flirting is obvious, and to be frank, very sexy. The chemistry and interactions between them are something we’ve been missing from PhuNoh so it’s heartwarming and sad at the same time. It really makes you wonder, why doesn’t Noh just go for Earn? I know he loves Phun but Earn gets an A for Aggressiveness.

    2.) The “talk”
    We finally get to know what Phun and Earn talk about outside while Noh finishes mending the couch. I always liked to think in the novel, they do talk about their feelings for Noh but more of a gentleman’s match. Like, “I know your intentions, but I have my own. May the best man win his heart” kind of deal, especially since the dialogue they have before leaving school seemed to show that they don’t hate each other’s guts. The series however has turned it against Phun. Earn, yet again, makes a good point. If Phun is still with Aim, and Noh and you aren’t official, what gives you the right to stop me from at least trying? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    3.) Story Changes?
    Where do I start? I’m okay with certain changes since they reinforce other ships. Ohm taking Mick home, Per taking Win home and even Earn flirting with Noh, I’m okay with! However, changing something completely just to have mopey drama I’m not. We see Phun and Aim’s ride home. If you’re so uninterested in her, then dump her. Making Phun overly insecure (even more than the novel) is getting grating. This is supposed to be the happy grace period for them. Now we’re stuck on emo mode with him AGAIN. It baffles me that the writers can make up such good changed dialogue and scenes for the other characters but have the mains be hyperboles of their original selves.


    A scene that irked me the most:
    Aim: You’re not doing this because you feel like you’re obligated to do this, right?
    Phun silently messes up Aim’s hair.

    You weren’t even trying to mask your uninterest. His actions weren’t even reassuring. If you don’t even like her anymore, then just break up with her then. -_-

    (In the novel, it bothered me a little but he at least seemed to actually care a bit for Aim, in the series he seems more interested in the lint in his pocket).

    Positives the Episode brought:
    – PerWin’s dark drama
    – Win is mostlikely the first gay confirmed character that isn’t overly stereotyped
    – OhMick’s scenes
    – Sexy Earn acting sexy
    – Lhew is noticing how evil Grace is now
    – Yuri actually being relevant and cheerful for Jeed (I actually felt sorry for her this episode)
    – The song mentioned in the Novel was used so hopefully future events follow in suit

    1.) EarNoh is currently more believable
    2.) Gentleman’s Duel turned into Flawed Logic
    3.) Writing for others = Perfect, Writing for Main Couple = :S

    Personal Opinion:
    Again, the side couples and 2 halves of the most advertised couple (EarNoh) were the highlights. The side couples became a big focus which grabbed our attention. I think it’s because with OhMick we get to see their relationship slowly blossom and there’s not drama in the way at the moment so we enjoy seeing them trying to figure out how they really feel. Who didn’t love that call scene where Ohm subconsciously was holding tightly to the curtain next to him?
    EarNoh’s interaction and flow on screen was enjoyable. We get that Earn is flirting with Noh but we see it stemmed from somewhere, at least in the novel. Every action Earn did with Noh had us on the edge of our seats wondering if he can actually pull off getting a kiss from Noh, and he almost did.
    I’m calling it now and say Win is 100% gay. The last message he wrote and wanted to ask is just a dead giveaway. PerWin’s vagueness on the douchebag dad’s beatings is cleared up slightly this episode. He obviously has a crush on Per and might’ve caught doing “naughty” things to something Per related. Maybe was M’bating to a picture of Per or a sex clip of him, hence his father’s animosity towards Per. He probably thinks Per is the reason his son is gay.
    Oh yeah, and there was something about Jeed this episode. It was so short I don’t even think the producers cared about the storyline. 😛


  2. —————————- Novel to Series Comparison —————————–
    Lovesick Season 2, Episode 12: The One With The Candy
    Chapters: 33 and 34 (1/2 and full)

    The complexity of the episode was different. Conflict is a theme this episode and so is neglect. Neglect for the ones close to you. Kind of like taking for granted the people around you and how they’re constantly there for you.

    Differences and Missing/Added Parts
    1.) Aim, you’re kind of interesting again
    I wrote her off basically as a slut but now it’s looking much different. She feels guilty for friendships which makes her slightly more complex. I like it but it’s not going to make me want her relationship with Phun stay any longer. Relationship wise, we all know how it’s going to end and our applause for it ending, but actually seeing she values her friendship does deepen her despite the fan base’s hate for her.

    2.) Earn knows
    Not much to talk about. Earn heard the PhuNoh conversation. The novel doesn’t say he’s not there but it’s plausible he was. It adds even more heart break to the shippers of EarNoh who don’t know what’s going to happen (if there are any naïve fans still out there). I’m actually happy there’s discord there but a complication might occur a couple episodes down the road if they are sticking to the novel’s narrative.

    3.) When did everyone become A$$holes?
    This is more from the series stand point. Like I said about the theme being about neglect it comes across making everyone look like jerks to their friends. Noh and Ohm are kind of okay but Noh neglects the help Ohm gives him in finding out why Phun is giving him the cold shoulder. Phun, with no malice, neglects that Fi is one of his friends and is willing to listen to his problems. Mick neglecting Film’s help when Ohm isn’t around. The biggest one though is Earn’s treatment for Pete. Pete has good intentions but they turn sour once he feels like Earn sees him as untrustworthy or not really important. They both turn into complete dicks but Earn is more at fault in this case. Although Pete kept pushing the matter, Earn constantly brushing off Pete’s words and concerns for his friend would make anyone angry. It even comes to a point with Earn being okay with Pete not being his friend during and after the sword fight.


    An irked moment:
    Everyone, even Mo, thinks that Grace wasn’t the person who spread Lhew’s and her message at school? Were they all hit with a bat with the magical powers that make people dumb?

    Positives the Episode brought:
    – Drama much needed to the EarnxPete dynamic
    – PhuNoh’s last scene was very well done
    – Ohmick scene was okay
    – Actual interactions with friends (although the closer friends were neglected)
    – Yuri actually just being a good person
    – Aim isn’t as shallow as I pegged her
    – The end scene was beautifully shot and heart wrenching

    1.) You’ve upgraded a bit Aim. I give you one clap. No applause for you
    2.) Sad Panda’s heart is broken
    3.) The effects of being in love sometimes

    Personal Opinion:
    This episode becomes much clearer now that we have subs. I can’t totally blame them for taking their friends for granted. They are young teens and we’ve all had those moments that we forget, but I didn’t expect so many of them to act this way all on the same day. I’ll give credit where credit is due, Phun and Noh’s interactions, especially in their last scene, was done extremely well. It stays the same as the novel and it’s portrayed by the actors really good. There’s some pretty good humor with Ohm and even Per gets a fun scene, pointing out that he was right when Noh said he was going to run off to meet with Phun. I have a love hate relationship at the moment with the PetEarn dynamic right now. I love it because we finally get to see that their friendship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I hate it though because Earn’s disregard for what his friend does for him. Also, notice how Pete and Earn’s relationship has turned similar to how Earn and Noh’s is. Earn helps and gives but Noh becomes oblivious to it just how Pete is trying to be supportive and give him gifts of food while he says hurtful things as if those gifts are meaningless to him. Of course we don’t want them to be mad with each other forever and hopefully their reconciliation will shed some light on the question everyone has. Does Pete have feelings for Earn and if so, will anything actually happen?
    Short bring up though. I think they hit Mo with a bat or something because isn’t she supposed to be close to Jeed? They hanged out first episode, Mo was the first person Jeed called with her boy predicament, and in the teaser this season they kept baiting us that Jeed and her are like besties. Also, we know Mo isn’t oblivious to Grace’s fake persona from season 1 since she always calls her out on bullshit and jealousy, so why is she siding with her all of a sudden?


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