Love Sick Episode 7: bamburn04 Special Post

  Yeah. So there’s plusses to being stranded at Peale Manor with Peale Parents. One plus would be that rhubarb confection  in the upper left corner, cooling down, waiting for ice cream. Ma Peale rocks. On the minus side, I have to read subtitles for episode 7 on my tiny phone, and will be blind soon. I’ll get my episode summary up soon, but until then, commenter bamburn4 has offered his take on episode 7. Take it away MR. bamburn:

Novel to Series Comparison

Lovesick Season 2, Episode 7: The One With – N/A Chapters: 27 (half chapter) SPOILER ALERT!

Ironically if the controversy and drama surrounding a certain scene didn’t happen and it was advertised it the way it was aired, it would have been a good episode. However this is not the case so I sadly have to go into detail why a certain scene missing doesn’t just mean, “oh it’s a missing scene, get over it”. So let’s start with the small and escalate quickly.

Differences and Missing/Added Parts

1.) Yuri, what great depth you have

So this is a positive for this episode. Many people know Yuri to be naïve and some would call her slow witted but this episode gives us more insight into her. She’s not 100% oblivious to what Noh feels and we get to see the hurt that can come with a one sided relationship. She sticks to the dialogue in the novel but it’s much more taken to heart or believable since her advice looked genuine.

2.) PhuNoh, please grow up a little

To my knowledge, the scene where Phun is making Noh jealous because of the hug with Yuri never happens. It’s shortened and leads up to a more emotional scene directly after. People saw this as funny and humorous. I chuckled but saw it as a highlight of how unhealthy and “childish” their relationship is at the moment. So I see my friend with benefits hug a girl he’s been dating, let’s smother my girlfriend with fake affection out of spite. It’s totally out of character for Phun to act out of spite like that. Noh might have retaliated by Phun started it. Well, Rule 3: Phun = Insecure.

3.) Title Not Needed

Oh the grievances. Everything surrounding the controversy of P’Hed cutting the kiss scene is baffling. A quick summary: Kiss scene between PhuNoh was advertised last episode, throughout the week, and was highlighted for next episode. Hype ensued so everyone was ready for episode 7. Episode 7 came along and everyone got a cut version of it. In shock people screamed, “What the hell happen?”.

P’Hed headed to twitter and drama escalated. She basically said that she changed the scene at the last minute, even though she had ample time to address and change it for over a week, said that the viewers might sexualize it (thanks for having such high regard for your fans), she wants to protect something (even though she doesn’t clarify), then wants to avoid the topic altogether and not talk about it, only to compare the scene to weird analogies. Her last and main defense for why she cut the scene was because if Noh initiated the kiss, it would change his character from the novel. If this were the case the episodes all based in Hua Hin should all have been thrown out the window.

I have stated before since episode 4’s comparison how Noh seemed a bit different. Not a bad different but a different that would open up to having more depth rather than making him such a submissive, passive, Young Adult Novel Female Lead (Bella Swan/Anastacia Steele) character. He was developing and everyone was excited for the change and welcomed it as long as it had a payoff. But no, we get disappointed. Not only by the advertisement of such a scene, that is IN THE NOVEL, was going to happen but by the author of the book herself. She also doesn’t feel any regret or even being sorry about cutting it which makes me uneasy.

If we can’t trust the director, production team, and the author of the novel to give justice to the source material, who can we trust to do so?

P’Hed’s Twitter Post:

Once I cooked fried rice. While cooking I thought it should be tasty, but when I finished cooking, I found that it isn’t as tasty. I have to throw it away though I feel so regretful for it. That’s all.

My response: And then you found out that the customers liked the fried rice you threw away so you’re blaming the person who let people taste it.

Positives the Episode brought:

– Great character development for everybody (especially Yuri)

– If the kiss scene was advertised as what was presented, it would have been a good scene – Jeed plot is tolerable and is developing to something

– Earn, one of the saving graces (DO HE GOT A BOOTY DOE? HE DOOOOOO!)

-Yuri flat out calling Aim, “a good liar”


1.) Yuri is so deep I can see Adele rolling in it

2.) Jealousy, a cute quirk on TV, but grating in reality

3.) Kind of sad when an Author reads and writes her work twice but thinks only at the last minute to change it -_-

Personal Opinion: Putting the drama aside, it is actually a good episode. I have very few qualms with it except for the EXTREMELY HUGE qualm that many people are aware of already. So let’s talk more on the side characters. So the easiest one, Earn. You’re so adorable, and Ngern’s acting is always great so a breath of fresh air you give after rewatching the episode several times.

Mo’s plot was good but now it’s was kind of degraded with the ending. So you end up kissing Golf but immediately forgive Moan for being a jerk because he bought you a gigantic Teddy Bear? This is starting to turn into an example of how abused boyfriends/girlfriends run back to their abuser because they “love” them and don’t know what to do without that person.

Jeed and company, the story is growing on me. The plot is like a distant relative that we all have that we don’t necessarily get along with but still have to like/love them because they’re family and they have moments of genuine fun and love. So people having been talking about how Jeed is just a confused girl thrown into a community where social status is more important than being yourself an I’m starting to understand that now. She’s not heartless or just a gold digger like many pegged her to be. She does feel guilt and remorse for her actions and wishes she can just be herself and do something about it but can’t because of the eyes constantly focusing in on her. From her parents, her friends, her new and old boyfriend, and even herself she is constantly conscious about everything.

24 thoughts on “Love Sick Episode 7: bamburn04 Special Post

  1. Sorry if the editing is a bit choppy, bamburn. This phone and the WordPress software for it plus big fingers…there’s reasons why I’m not a pocket blogger


    • It’s totally fine. My post is formatted to fit FB posts and forums anyways so it looks a bit different but the edit you did gives it justice and makes it look much more cleaner and professional. Also love that Rhubarb crumble at the top left of the picture. Bet Mother Peale makes a good one. 🙂


  2. OH MY GOD! I didn’t know you’d actually turn it into a post here. I’m so honored and thrilled to have it on something other than just the comment section or a post on FB/Forums. Thank you very much for giving the time to actually make it into a separate thing. 😀


  3. This is definitely disappointing since the author herself changed the episode on the last minute. I don’t get the logic, although she thinks she’s trying to protect the viewers and/or the character Noh, then why in the world did she include that in her novel to begin with? At seems that she’s trying to put some “conservative” aspect in the story, when a lot of movies and shows in Thailand are having even more obscene or showy affection between same sex couples. She should have also included in the series some expectations to the viewers that the novel will NOT be followed so people who have already read the novel would not be disappointed anymore. With this development, we no longer know what to expect anymore or if indeed we should. (TT)


    • Well I find it a bit disappointing as well, but more that it in fact is the author/director team that suddenly finds it “necessary” to avoid the audience for any “obscene” details. I can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with reaching a younger audience. I remember someone wrote a comment on another webpage about the stupid acting of the Pang Gang Girls (aka The Rotten Girls), could be an attempt to reach a broader/younger audience (make more cash). I don’t know that for sure of course, but it somehow seems obvioulsy. Why leave an important detail from the novel out of the series? Even after it was announced as part of the next episode. The rather stupid (excuse me for my french) reply from the author on Twitter is moreover some bad excuse. The team of directors must be ” the ones with the red ears” now. At least they have to do something to appear as trustworthy in the future.
      @Peale: I read your movie reviews with great pleasure and joy! I like your page and the enthusiasm you put into this!


  4. I feel you JohnCarlo. However, I did feel that the two episodes flowed very well even with the cut scene. I actually liked how episode 7 went and I loved the words of caution that Yuri gave Noh.. i chuckled a bit when she said she wants to be the first to meet Noh’s lover because a) she already is very familiar with said lover unknowingly and b) she gets the ‘first look’ so to say by walking in on them later on in the series thereby confirming with her own eyes what others can only guess at.
    They are totally cute as besties and if, down the line (assuming this was actually a true story) Noh ever had need of a fake girlfriend for whatever reason (after coming out to her of course) she would be the best one to fill the role having known him and loved him for some time….then again, that may not be a good idea if she is still harbouring feelings for him; in fact it could be downright cruel if he ever asked that of her.
    As for Phun and Noh, the childish one-uppance they have in this episode is funny but sad at the same time. Love makes you act the fool sometimes doesn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! However, I also don’t wanna be taken out of the context. I do love episodes 7 and 8, especially with more screen time of Earn and Pete. They both look so adorable and they’re cute together especially on the part where Earn appears to be teasing Pete. I just hope that the changes would not be not much that may somwhow change the entire flow of events, and now we may have to exect that we won’t be seeing any possible kissing scenes of the main couple as compared in the novel.

      I am actually looking forward to the battle of the band as well as the scene where Phun sing’s for Noh. That would be amazing.


      • After rereading the chapters ahead or for next week, I already see some conflict with representing characters. :S
        The most noticeable one is Golf as he has a smart mouth and a short temper. Current Golf (the actor anyways) doesn’t seem to be like that so I’m a bit confused how they are going to handle it.


  5. “the viewers might sexualize it”

    Really? That’s her excuse? Really?

    Then why doesn’t she cut the kiss between Golf and Mo? Did she miss their scene?

    In case it’s not clear I’m really sick of the double standard when it comes to gay relationship. I came into the series with such high hope when I saw them kiss in first season. I thought they would treat Phun/Noh the same as any other couple but I guess I was wrong.

    And I swear to god if Phun kiss Noh on the forehead one more time, I’m going to scream, this is so ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, guess I needed to vent.


    • Solid vent. What an irrational reason from the author. WHY would you cut a pivotal scene from your novel in the TV adaptation by saying it changes the character too much? Did she not write him that way in the first place?

      And I totally agree with your comment on the double standards. It’s okay to be fully provocative regarding Mo/Moan’s sex life and relationship and Mo/Golf’s kiss but the moment it’s two boys (who are the main characters) they get cold feet.
      That really upsets me, as I am sure it upsets other fans. What a disappointment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Because shameless promotions are shameless hahaha XD
        Made this meme a few hours after the episode but posted it yesterday so enjoy and vent away. XD

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Alem for all your support and feedback. It really helped me push myself to be dedicated and love your work/project not for other people but because you want to and love to do it. 🙂

      Yup, Peale’s place is the sanctuary for the Kuda Club XD


  6. Peale do u hav any idea when will
    P’kuda post ep8?cant understand thai but after watching it without sub seems earnpete n omnick’s story is starting to flourish in the ep to come making this more fun n complicated


    • Sorry, I do not. It was up very briefly last night about 1:00am EST then went right back down. P’Kuda noted that we should try to avoid refreshing to much as it is overloading the site. That’s all I know.


  7. Not to be a horrid nitpicker but did the format of the post change? It was amazingly formatted when it was first posted but looks a but scrunched together. Sorry since it makes me sound ungrateful but I’m just curious because some things look a bit off. Also I know you’re on mobile so I know it looks totally different on smartphones. It’s not a big deal and I don’t want to waste your time but if you ever get the chance, please mess with the format a bit. Sorry for being a bit inconsiderate. T_T


    • I’ll check. I was online this morning and didn’t touch it. I’m working on my post for ep 7 this afternoon. Hopefully I can check it out tonight when I go back to the hotspot


      • Thanks a ton. Am looking forward to your review. Damn you and your addictive reviews and hilarious picture posts. (Still laughing about the smartphone at the table one) >_<


      • Yeah it looks a lot better. The titles of each points/numbers just need to be separate from the paragraphs and that’s it but of course if you have the time/energy and all. By the time you release your review, no one/everyone who visited is probably done reading it hehe. Do as you please, and I’m anxiously waiting your review. 🙂


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