Love Sick Season 2 – the Sequeequel: Open Thread



O.K. Lovesickos. I know you’re bouncing around waiting for Kuda to come back online, so I figured I’d open a thread for you to talk about whatever. The show writers dropped by the other day and let us know that they do read our comments from time to time. So tell me, if you were in the room with one of them and they asked you to come up with a scene that would make you squeal with delight, what would that be? What do you want next season? Any character, any ‘ship, any of the stories. Otherwise, talk about what you are looking forward to in the next few episodes, or your pets. Whatever you need to express to get your daily Love Sick medicine.

18 thoughts on “Love Sick Season 2 – the Sequeequel: Open Thread

  1. What happend to P’kuda?today is already sat and i was so excited then my heart almost stopped when i saw the site was down. I felt bad though i know P’kuda will be back soon!


    • Oh unless she is busy, she’ll be able to sub this weekend even when her site is down. Although it is a holiday where she lives and it is supposed to be sunny, plus the handsome young Navy sailors have come to New York for their annual fleet week. There are lots of nice things for her to see walking around the city because of that. I know I get so easily distracted during fleet week. I wouldn’t blame her for enjoying the nice views even if she fell behind in her subbing a little. XD


  2. Im shipping Khom and Grace!..I know its an odd pair..just that I wanna see Grace changed bcoz of Khom..Grace has that bitchy side but I kinda hope she is kind in the would be great if we see Grace protects or freed Khom from Jeed..but if they add that into the story thats mean more filler story and less PhuNoh moments..uhhu..btw, I got a new cat..ahha..her name is Bintang which means ‘star’..ehhe..she is Maine Coon’s breed..I have exam tomorrow and wish me luck..I definitely come again here and read your review on the drama coz its fun to have that unique way to describe the drama..have a nice day!


    • I could get Khom grace. The more Khom the better. I also had a Maine Coon-fabulous and floofy beast he was. A dopey cat who kept forgetting how big he was. And on your exams, Fighting!

      Thanks for the note.


  3. am really looking forward right now to the party scene to be honest… the one in Noh’s house where Phun finally finds out the truth…. wanna see how that gets handled especially since Noh’s phone is password protected…lol


  4. link to commenter Micchie’s excellent rant about the missing kiss.

    The Peale Parent house is not set up for following Thai TV online, so I had to drive 15 miles to the nearest public wifi hotspot to figure out what is going on. And I still don’t. I wonder if the issue is that Noh is supposed to be the Uke and by kissing Phun without Phun making the first move, he broke the role that underlies his character. We’ll never know.


  5. Hi guys I’m back, it’s been a long while : ) it’s me Tsunami. I know this is kinda odd and retarded to introduce myself, but after I went back from out of town just this afternoon and happily took my device that I forget to bring with me on my short vacation and left alone at my dorm, I got really surprise after I notice alot of mystery had happen to my accounts like Tweeter, Facebook, YouTube, This and etc. A lot of people began to complained regarding my previous behavior which I didn’t know how on earth even my display name on this site had change to ‘thesire’ or whatever instead of Tsunami. But then again guys if I did something unpleasant and stupid lately I’m really sorry this is definitely my fault for being irresponsible leaving my personal matters behind. And for the person who took advantage my stupidity by doing another stupidity using my account without my consent I’ll definitely get back with you very soon. I’m really really so sorry guys.


  6. So how are you my lovely lovesicko’s? I really felt so down after I went to P’kudas site and found out it has been suspended. I was eagerly excited to download new episodes (sigh)


  7. Can I post my Novel to Series Comparison since Kuda’s site is down and this seems like an extremely good place to post it. 😀


  8. —————————- Novel to Series Comparison —————————–
    Lovesick Season 2, Episode 7: The One With – N/A
    Chapters: 27 (half chapter)

    Ironically if the controversy and drama surrounding a certain scene didn’t happen and it was advertised it the way it was aired, it would have been a good episode. However this is not the case so I sadly have to go into detail why a certain scene missing doesn’t just mean, “oh it’s a missing scene, get over it”. So let’s start with the small and escalate quickly.

    Differences and Missing/Added Parts
    1.) Yuri, what great depth you have
    So this is a positive for this episode. Many people know Yuri to be naïve and some would call her slow witted but this episode gives us more insight into her. She’s not 100% oblivious to what Noh feels and we get to see the hurt that can come with a one sided relationship. She sticks to the dialogue in the novel but it’s much more taken to heart or believable since her advice looked genuine.

    2.) PhuNoh, please grow up a little
    To my knowledge, the scene where Phun is making Noh jealous because of the hug with Yuri never happens. It’s shortened and leads up to a more emotional scene directly after. People saw this as funny and humorous. I chuckled but saw it as a highlight of how unhealthy and “childish” their relationship is at the moment. So I see my friend with benefits hug a girl he’s been dating, let’s smother my girlfriend with fake affection out of spite. It’s totally out of character for Phun to act out of spite like that. Noh might have retaliated by Phun started it. Well, Rule 3: Phun = Insecure.

    3.) Title Not Needed
    Oh the grievances. Everything surrounding the controversy of P’Hed cutting the kiss scene is baffling. A quick summary: Kiss scene between PhuNoh was advertised last episode, throughout the week, and was highlighted for next episode. Hype ensued so everyone was ready for episode 7. Episode 7 came along and everyone got a cut version of it. In shock people screamed, “What the hell happen?”. P’Hed headed to twitter and drama escalated. She basically said that she changed the scene at the last minute, even though she had ample time to address and change it for over a week, said that the viewers might sexualize it (thanks for having such high regard for your fans), she wants to protect something (even though she doesn’t clarify), then wants to avoid the topic altogether and not talk about it, only to compare the scene to weird analogies. Her last and main defense for why she cut the scene was because if Noh initiated the kiss, it would change his character from the novel. If this were the case the episodes all based in Hua Hin should all have been thrown out the window. I have stated before since episode 4’s comparison how Noh seemed a bit different. Not a bad different but a different that would open up to having more depth rather than making him such a submissive, passive, Young Adult Novel Female Lead (Bella Swan/Anastacia Steele) character. He was developing and everyone was excited for the change and welcomed it as long as it had a payoff. But no, we get disappointed. Not only by the advertisement of such a scene, that is IN THE NOVEL, was going to happen but by the author of the book herself. She also doesn’t feel any regret or even being sorry about cutting it which makes me uneasy. If we can’t trust the director, production team, and the author of the novel to give justice to the source material, who can we trust to do so?


    P’Hed’s Twitter Post:
    Once I cooked fried rice. While cooking I thought it should be tasty, but when I finished cooking, I found that it isn’t as tasty. I have to throw it away though I feel so regretful for it. That’s all.

    My response:
    And then you found out that the customers liked the fried rice you threw away so you’re blaming the person who let people taste it.

    Positives the Episode brought:
    – Great character development for everybody (especially Yuri)
    – If the kiss scene was advertised as what was presented, it would have been a good scene
    – Jeed plot is tolerable and is developing to something
    – Earn, one of the saving graces (DO HE GOT A BOOTY DOE? HE DOOOOOO!)
    – Yuri flat out calling Aim, “a good liar”

    1.) Yuri is so deep I can see Adele rolling in it
    2.) Jealousy, a cute quirk on TV, but grating in reality
    3.) Kind of sad when an Author reads and writes her work twice but thinks only at the last minute to change it -_-

    Personal Opinion:
    Putting the drama aside, it is actually a good episode. I have very few qualms with it except for the EXTREMELY HUGE qualm that many people are aware of already. So let’s talk more on the side characters. So the easiest one, Earn. You’re so adorable, and Ngern’s acting is always great so a breath of fresh air you give after rewatching the episode several times. Mo’s plot was good but now it’s was kind of degraded with the ending. So you end up kissing Golf but immediately forgive Moan for being a jerk because he bought you a gigantic Teddy Bear? This is starting to turn into an example of how abused boyfriends/girlfriends run back to their abuser because they “love” them and don’t know what to do without that person. Jeed and company, the story is growing on me. The plot is like a distant relative that we all have that we don’t necessarily get along with but still have to like/love them because they’re family and they have moments of genuine fun and love. So people having been talking about how Jeed is just a confused girl thrown into a community where social status is more important than being yourself an I’m starting to understand that now. She’s not heartless or just a gold digger like many pegged her to be. She does feel guilt and remorse for her actions and wishes she can just be herself and do something about it but can’t because of the eyes constantly focusing in on her. From her parents, her friends, her new and old boyfriend, and even herself she is constantly conscious about everything.

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  9. Thanks for the link to my sight, Peale. I didn’t even expect you guys to see that post lol.

    Well, thank gosh the staff read comments. That’s a good consolation to fans knowing that there’s a chance they’ll take our comments and opinions into consideration.

    Anyway, I wonder what season 3 will be about? I still think 36 episodes is a lot for one season, so I wonder how they’ll stretch the story? Anyway, I’d like to see more of Mo and Golf. I find the new Golf so adorable! I feel sorrier for him when Mo picks Moan because he looks kind. So if Golf achieves happiness in this story, I will squeal. 😀

    I like Mo’s character; she’s fierce, she’s frank, but she also has a lot of conflict, so I’d like the staff to explore that, including Jeed. She’s not that hateful if they can give light to her background better. Oh yeah, Khom too. 🙂

    Basically, I’d like the team to give us more of the side stories (BL including). I’m satisfied with the canon story of PhunNoh, so I have no qualms about that, unless they start cutting on important scenes again. Seriously, ranting that long is exhausting.


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