Lovesick the Color Palette Episode 2: Blue Fights Back

Lovesick Series 2 Episode 2: Still kinda pink

Still kind of pink, but I think they fired the guy who placed hot pink in every shot in episode 1 and replaced him with someone who wanted pastel pink or baby blue (preferably both) in every shot. But overall, it’s easier on the eyes.


Episode 1 (left) vs Episode 2 (right): the pink haze has lifted


At least the kids no longer appear to be breathing pink or blue air. Maybe it rained between Saturday and Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Lovesick the Color Palette Episode 2: Blue Fights Back

  1. lol you’re right! I knew there must be a reason why episode 2 seemed so much better visually (even though the camera work was still sloppy as always)

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  2. omg, i did not realize how noticeable it was! Ugh! too much pink….and it did make everything feel like we were stuck in a dream the whole first episode… why is the first episode always questionable? lol


    • I don’t know what they were thinking with that. I still think that there is too much emphasis on putting pink and blue in the series. But it is also a sign that there is a greater emphasis on visual production this season. We’ll see if they let that fade away as the boys leave their puppy love phases and start to get serious.


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