Oh the Lovesick S2 Gossip: what’s going on here?

Guesses from upper left to right:

1) Earn has had enough sexual yearning out of Pete and is finally doing something about it (probability 15%)

2) The online super-couple “PopShay” isn’t an act for poor Shay (probability 100%) Chances of it actually working out for him? (5%)

3) Whoever that is will regret being recorded in that cat t-shirt 20 years from now (probability 50%) (seriously who is that? The new Om with Mick? Or is that Per. I always get him messed up with Ngoi and Knott)

4) Per Film is not certain which way he swings (probability 10% 100%) (Edited for accuracy)

5) Golf is has decided that the third wheel doesn’t need to be the spare tire (probability 100%)

Because once you are informed of something, you notice it everywhere

Since I reviewed Crazy Beautiful You yesterday, I now find KathNiel references everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but at least in unexpected places. According to Vulture.com, they are the second most shipped couple in the fanfic world.  Interesting article and stats at the link. Who knows, maybe I’ll join the flow and write some. There’s got to be a little fanboi inside me somewhere. I just don’t know how much call there is for Jimmy Kimmel stories.

Source: Vulture.com

Source: Vulture.com

Man on High Heels (Korea: 2014)


Cha, looking exhausted. You may be, too.

Action-drama-action-drama-action-drama. Given the choice of following a policeman on his last days before a sex-change operation or mind numbing mayhem, Man on High Heels offers too much tragic-action for my taste. Seung-won Cha is great playing the lead with as little irony as possible. It is overall a much more humane treatment of the transgender role than expected. But after awhile the burden everyone carries is too much, and the action too cruel for the movie to elicit more from me than a blank stare and a shoulder shrug.

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Phunstruck (Not A Review)

For the folks at kudalakorn.com, who’ve been entertaining me for the past few weeks, a setting for Lovesick, 20 years on.

Thanks as always to p’Kuda for translating p’Hed’s entertaining novel

Phun:  Not now!

Noh:    When?

Phun:  When you can stand up without grunting.

Noh:    I can stand up without grunting. (Stands. Groans) That was a groan. Not a grunt.

Phun:  Energetic as the day I met you.

Noh:    I don’t need this, bastard.

Phun:  I don’t think you have much choice.

Noh:    I’ve had better offers, you know.

Phun:  Really, better offers. The postman is only nice because we don’t get much mail.

Noh:    Well, there was Aim.

Phun:  Aim? Aim? That was 20 years ago.

Noh:    So?

Phun:  (Laughs) Fine. Just go. Do you know where she lives?

Noh:    I know where she lives. We dropped her off after a trip to the beach, one time. Remember?

Phun:  That was 20 years ago. She’s moved. Here I’ll text you her address.

Noh:    You don’t think I am going to do it. Wait. Why do you have her address?

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