Peyote (Mexico: 2013) Hope to see you around someday

Peyote (2013) is Omar Flores Sarabia’s first feature length movie. Set in San Luis Potosi, the movie covers 24 hours in the lives of two late teen-aged boys who meet one day and decide to take a journey to Real de Catorce in order to find the eponymous drug. With a premise like that, one could be excused for thinking that the movie would be a stoner comedy or road movie. But neither of the boys seems truly interested in the potential of the drugs and they probably wouldn’t know what to do if they found the plant. They also don’t have enough adventures influenced by the people they meet on their way to categorize the effort as a road movie. In fact, with the exception of one souvenir vendor, the boys don’t speak with anyone else on-screen.



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Love is Strange (US: 2014) – An update of a classic slightly misses

Love is Strange is an update of Make Way for Tomorrow, Leo McCarey’s Depression-era film about a elderly couple forced to live apart due to a late-in-life financial setback. After Ben (Alfred Molina) is fired from his job as a music instructor at a Catholic school, he and is new husband, Ben (John Lithgow) find that they are unable to continue to pay their mortgage and do not have enough equity in their home to find a new place. Moving out of New York City is out of the question, but staying in New York means splitting up. George moves in with a younger gay couple in Manhattan and Ben moves in with his nephew’s family in Brooklyn.

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